STUDIO ARKJPAN was founded in 2001 by architects Paola Niolu e Junio Cellini, sharing particular sensitivity to Context, instinctive interest in evolution and birth of New Trends, constant attention for Technological Innovation, deep passion for the Final Product.

Born in Rome, they both graduate in Architecture at “Università La Sapienza” and, after several experiences and collaborations carried out separately in professional firms with international profile, they gave birth to STUDIO ARKJPAN.

STUDIO ARKJPAN is based in the centre of Rome and carries out its professional activities creating quality and excellence architecture products worldwide.

STUDIO ARKJPAN is specialized in designing NEW ARCHITECTURE, INTERIOR DESIGN and RENOVATION for Residences, Restaurants and Hotels.

STUDIO ARKJPAN makes use of internal and external collaboration of specialized technicians, artisans and suppliers, all selected carefully in order to realize the fruit of intuitions, ideas and suggestions with solutions whenever Different and New but still Custom and Exclusive.

Thanks to the quality of the product, the projects carried out by STUDIO ARKJPAN have been published in various international journals.


Lungotevere dei Sangallo 1 – 00186 Rome – ITALY
Tel: +39.06.68192897 / 06.68195569 Fax: +39.06.6868640